GOT LAW? An Introduction to Canadian Law and Sentencing

GOT LAW? is a perfect introduction to three main areas of law – Federal, Provincial and Municipal.

Course participants will be taught the differences between various legal systems, and what their individual rights and responsibilities are in each area. The course is designed to empower individuals who would otherwise not know what to do if they found themselves facing a legal challenge. In addition to learning about what makes something an offence, participants learn the elements of a contract and other relevant areas of law that affect daily life.

The Legal Education Consultants instructor gathers course material from participants – a portion of the curriculum is inspired by those who attend, make comments and ask questions. Role play, skits, PowerPoint and Social Media are also used
to deliver information to all learners.

GOT LAW? is a creative and fun way to learn about Canadian law. This is a perfect course for youth, youth-at-risk, new Canadians, and individuals or groups who want to learn their rights and responsibilities. Cultural and religious nuances are always considered in the delivery of workshops.

Minimum 6 participants.