Cyberbullying and Internet Privacy

‘Cyber Bullying and Internet Privacy’ is the most popular Legal Education Consultants workshop for ages 12 to 17. Workshops are also customized for parents and guardians so that they too know their rights and responsibilities with regards to bullying, harassment and internet privacy. An ideal workshop for youth, and new Canadians whose mother tongue is neither English nor French as laws are discussed in ‘layman’ terms. Distinctions are made between various types of law and the informal delivery of information encourages participation.

This workshop is designed to educate participants on the Canadian law surrounding bullying and invasion of privacy. The workshop also gives participants useful and practical strategies for securing their privacy and preventing abuse over an internet connection. Some discussion involves technology and how technology is changing the way in which we communicate. This workshop presents the way in which Canadian law is being challenged because of the influx of new technology.

Participants learn about the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA), defamation of character, libel and slander. Distinction between an indictable offence and summary conviction is clarified in this workshop and consequences of bullying and breach of privacy are discussed.

The LEC instructor delivers information through the lens of Love, Autonomy, Dignity and Respect (LADR), how the law is designed to protect each of these principles, and how bullying whittles away at each of these core values.
The use of Power Point, social media, role play and skits keep the flow of information interesting and interactive. Mental health implications and the cost to families and society are also discussed. Youth in grades 4 and up are ideal participants, as the Criminal Code of Canada and the Youth Criminal Justice Act begin to apply at age 12.

Minimum 6 participants. Maximum 80. Please contact us should your interested party be smaller in size.