Legal Education Consultants are passionate about improving quality of life for youth through harm reduction. We provide workshops on legal rights and responsibilities to supplement current school programs, as law is generally not part of the curriculum until later grades and may only be offered as an elective. Legal Education Consultants have successfully delivered enriching workshops on cyberbullying and the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Students in grades four through twelve have benefitted from learning about their rights and responsibilities and how the YCJA responds to issues of defamation of character, harassment, and bullying.

LEC workshops for youth are all about fun, interactive learning. Students will see how their rights and responsibilities differ from those of adults in an engaging way. LEC instructors each possess a criminal record check for work with the vulnerable sector from Ottawa Police Services.

The following resources have helpful, legal information the LEC often draws from:

  • Ottawa Police
  • Privacy Commissioner of Canada
  • Crime Stoppers
  • Youth Workplace Safety